Mary Clark Brewster Photos

During 2020 we were contacted by the late Mary Clark Brewster’s brother who was sorting out the effects of his sister.

Mary Clark Brewster

From 1971 to 1973, Mary worked at the Farnham Pottery (she was known then as Mary Clark Messina) and took over a hundred, mostly colour, slides of the Pottery showing the Harrises and others who worked there as well as a large number of detailed views of the various processes involved in making their pottery. There are also a few slides in the collection taken in and around Farnham.

Her brother was very pleased to donate these to us; he said that the years his sister spent at the pottery were among the happiest of her life and would have been delighted if the slides were returned from whence they came. The Trust has in turn donated the collection to Guy Haines, the owner of the Farnham Pottery.

We scanned a few of the photos before passing them to Guy which you can see here. Click on any photo to see a larger photo.

Mary Clark Brewster

Group Photos taken 23rd August 1971

The first photo shows left to right Mr. Harry Corrigan; Mr Arthur Leslie Harris; his wife Mrs. Harris (photo taken on her 76th birthday), Mr Fred Whitehead; Mr Reginald Harris; his son Mr Reginald Harris (known respectively as “Old Reg” and “Young Reg”); Mary Clark Messina; Miss Pam Collier (secretary).

The Pottery and the People.

Views around Farnham