Old Yew Tree Cottage Progress November 2018

The renovation work at Old Yew Tree Cottage draws to a close and we are hopeful that the builders will complete and hand the property over to us in the next few weeks; we are now actively working on marketing the property with our chosen agent, Andrew Lodge.

We opened the property to the public during Heritage Open Days in early September and enjoyed the opportunity to show 55 visitors around and give them a chance to see what we have been doing. Many of the visitors had visited in the previous two years and were interested to see what progress had been made.

As an aside, it has never been completely clear whether the cottage was “Old Yew Tree Cottage” or just “Yew Tree Cottage” but the matter was settled when it became clear that there is another Yew Tree Cottage nearby so to avoid postal confusion we have settled on Old Yew Tree Cottage.