Old Yew Tree Cottage Progress January 2018

Progress at Old Yew Tree Cottage is gaining pace. Work on the new porch and staircase is well underway allowing better access to the upstairs rooms. Having found dampness in the roof space it was decided that further investigation was required to ensure that all damp was removed and the cause eliminated. In late December we were given permission from the Conservation team at WBC to remove the roof from the Cottage. It has been encased in a scaffold tower for a few weeks allowing the builders to work in all conditions.

Although the Trust had not anticipated removing the roof it has allowed us to inspect aspects of the building that would otherwise have been hidden.

Hidden earth and lathe panel found above the lathe and plaster ceiling in the master bedroom. A similar one has been found above the master ensuite bathroom which had been limewashed
Diamond mullioned window opening on back wall of master bedroom. This was concealed in the space above the Victorian room to the rear of the Cottage

Now the roof has been removed most timbers have been found to be in reasonably good condition. A few repairs will need to be undertaken before re-roofing.
The Trust is very excited by the finds that have been uncovered recently and we are in the process of taking photographs of the progression of works and features that we find. Once the Cottage is finished and marketed we will be able to present the owner with a fascinating record of their house.

Two views of the roof encased in the scaffold tower